Malheur County Announces Third Positive COVID-19 Case

Today the Malheur County Health Department reported the third lab-confirmed positive COVID-19 case in the county. The person who tested positive is a female in her 40s. She is a resident of Malheur County and is not hospitalized. She is recovering at home and isolated and has been since she was tested. Also today, Oregon reported a total of 1,371 cases and Idaho reported 1,396 cases.  

Our greatest concern is for the people affected by the coronavirus and their families. We thank local health care providers in the area for caring for them and providing COVID-19 testing. If you have symptoms and believe you have been exposed to COVID-19, please call your health care provider and tell them your concerns.

It is important as the virus spreads that people follow physical distancing measures, frequently wash hands and surfaces, and stay home with symptoms to prevent further transmission. Use of cloth face coverings may reduce the spread of virus and help prevent those who have the virus but do not have symptoms from passing it to others.

Call the Malheur County Health Department for more information at 541-889-7279.

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