Safe + Strong COVID-19 Outreach and Education Campaign

Visit and the Spanish version of the website.

Earlier this week, Governor Kate Brown, along with the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), launched a new phase of the state’s public awareness campaign to educate Oregonians about COVID-19. Safe + Strong focuses on community-centered outreach in 12 languages to connect people who are most at-risk of experiencing health disparities with the information, tools and resources they need to stay safe, healthy, and strong during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While social distancing measures have slowed the spread of COVID-19 in Oregon, many people in Malheur County face economic and systemic barriers which prevent them from taking steps to keep themselves and their families safe. Staying home to stay safe requires resources or life circumstances that are not a reality for many. This includes safe, stable housing, money available to stock up on groceries, a job that allows remote work, the ability to meet daily needs without assistance from a caregiver, support for chronic medical conditions and access to information about how to protect themselves.

Safe + Strong is a statewide effort to reach communities most impacted by health disparities with culturally relevant, linguistically responsive resources.

“We know that due to historical inequities, race and income disparities can lead to devastating health impacts,” said OHA director Patrick Allen. “We also know from our ongoing collaboration with community-based organizations that essential health information about how to stay safe has not been reaching many Oregonians. We’re committed to improving the health of all Oregonians by putting resources and tools in the hands of the people who need them.”

Find resources, community partner contacts, and an Oregon COVID-19 Response Toolkit. Individuals, families, agencies, and organizations will all benefit from the tools available on Safe + Strong for help with employment, housing, food, utilities, children, health care and more.

Information adapted from Safe + Strong website and press release.

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