Stay Safe at Home and at Work

Take these steps to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Two new COVID-19 cases were reported today in Malheur County. It is important for everyone to stay vigilant and reduce the risk of COVID-19 for themselves and those who are most vulnerable in our county. To protect your health, the Malheur County Health Department and the Oregon Health Authority recommend healthy habits that can slow the spread of COVID-19. They are all important and should all be done together to keep you as healthy as possible. Follow the links provided to learn more about how to stay safe at home and work.

Follow These Steps

Making Your Plan

A basic plan includes:

  • Talk to your household members about what to do if someone gets sick.
  • Write down:
    • Nearby organizations where you can get help, including health care
    • Any medical conditions and medications for each person in your household
    • Phone numbers of essential contacts, like other family members and your health care provider
    • Your plan for home isolation, including a separate place for people to sleep, cook/eat, shower and use the toilet in case you or a family member gets sick.

If you need help creating your plan, the CDC has tips:

Employers FAQ

Agricultural Workers

COVID-19 Testing

  • Learn more about testing basics
  • Call your healthcare provider
    • Need health insurance? Call the Malheur County Health Department at 541-889-7279 to see if you qualify for the Oregon Health Plan and get assistance with benefits available.
    • Find out if you qualify for testing at their facility
    • The OHA Investigative Guidelines recommend increased testing for those with symptoms or for people who are part of the following groups:
      • Close contacts of a person with COVID-19
      • People exposed to COVID-19 in congregate setting
      • Migrant/seasonal agricultural workers upon arrival in Oregon
      • People who identify as Black, African-American, Latino, Latina, Latinx, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian, Asian-American or Pacific Islander
      • People who identify as having a disability
      • People whose first language is not English
  • Visit an upcoming COVID-19 Drive Up Testing Site

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