Positive Test Rate Tops 10%

Today, the Malheur County Health Department reported 31 new positive COVID-19 cases, bringing the total to 191. Two people are hospitalized. The rate of positive tests of total tests completed for today is 10.1%. We need to be below 5% positive tests to know we’re doing sufficient testing. This tells us we have significant increase in infections and that there are likely more cases out there that we have not identified.

The Oregon Department of Human Services reports on nursing, residential care and assisted living facilities reporting that they have a staff member or resident with COVID-19. Their recent report lists Brookdale in Ontario. The Malheur County Health Department completed surveillance testing earlier this week and today’s cases include positive cases from that testing. A total of 26 cases between staff and residents are connected to the care facility.

The Oregon Department of Corrections is reporting 7 COVID-19 positive cases of staff and 1 positive case of an Adult in Custody at Snake River Correctional Institution (SRCI) in Ontario.

Due to such a concerning surge in overall cases and cases in high risk settings, Public Health officials are urging every person to follow the guidance to wear face coverings, maintain physical distance, avoid large gatherings, and stay home with even mild symptoms.

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