COVID-19 Trends

With 107 new cases in the last week, the rate of new COVID-19 cases in Malheur County is increasing at a phenomenal rate. The above graph shows the rate of new cases over 14 weeks, since our first lab-confirmed positive case was reported the week of March 29th.

As record numbers of Oregonians, including those in Malheur, have tested positive for COVID-19 recently, many have wondered if that’s simply due to increased testing. Although testing has increased, the positive test rate, which shows the prevalence of the virus, has increased. By offering tests to more and more people at a lower threshold, meaning people with fewer or no symptoms are included in testing, the positive test rate should go down as the number of tests increases. Last week, 574 COVID-19 tests were reported in Malheur County, far more than any week prior and yet the positive test rate went up to 10.2%. The takeaway is that COVID-19 is spreading more rampantly and we are not doing enough testing to keep up with the increasing infections.

We are hopeful that by being transparent with as much data as possible, while protecting private health information, the public will better understand the increasing risk of COVID-19 transmission in Malheur County. Malheur County Health Department urges everyone to follow the preventive measures that will prevent outbreaks and protect those who are most vulnerable from severe illness or death.

2 thoughts on “COVID-19 Trends

    • We are recommending reduced gathering sizes and for everyone to follow current guidance, including wearing masks in public indoor spaces. We will reassess our needs and if we need to take stronger measures at the county level. It’s more likely that the Governor will soon impose restrictions like closing restaurant indoor dining and reducing gathering sizes.

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