COVID-19 Resources for Agricultural Workers and Employers

Malheur County Health Department (MCHD) is committed to reducing inequalities and promoting precautions that will protect everyone in Malheur County. Agricultural workers are being hit tremendously hard by COVID-19 across Oregon and the nation. Please share the following resources with agricultural workers and employers and help keep a vital part of our community safe as COVID-19 continues to spread.

If you have symptoms or if you have had contact with a known COVID-19 case, please stay home and get tested. If you have insurance, call your health care provider to ask if you can be tested. If you are uninsured, call MCHD at 541-889-7279 to schedule a test.

Stay Informed and Share

What You Need to Know About COVID-19

For Agricultural Workers and Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers

For Agricultural Employers

In Malheur County, we are especially vulnerable to COVID-19. Many agricultural workers identify as Hispanic. People who identify as Hispanic make up 13% of the population of Oregon, yet represent 40% of cases. Idaho is reporting similar disparities. The Oregon public health response addresses disparities. Contact Tracers help to meet basic needs of those who are isolated or quarantined because of COVID-19, including connection to resources for food, wage support, and temporary housing when needed. Local Community Based Organizations and health care providers are also building trust, sharing culturally responsive resources in multiple languages, and providing wrap around services for those in need.

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  1. Prisons are also being hit hard and need help as in room for sick people and asymptomatic people. More supplies and providers there are people in there that shouldn’t be contrary to public beliefs

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