Drug overdose: short film and local support

The Malheur County Health Department is doing our part on a community level to help people who use drugs reduce their risks of infection, get connected to treatment and counseling, and provide peer support from people who have lived experience and are using their lives to make a difference.

We love this is short film from the World Health Organization (WHO) about hope and life. In less than 6 minutes, it shares a glimpse of those who are striving to reduce deaths from drug overdose, and to honor the memories of those who have died. More than 500,000 deaths annually are attributable to drug use, and about 115,000 people die every year from opioid overdose alone. WHO supports countries in implementing prevention and treatment options for opioid use disorders that can decrease the risk of a drug overdose.

If you or someone you love uses drugs, call our Peer Support line at 541-709-8539. Find out more about the PRIME+ Peer Program here and come by Walk through Wednesday.

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