10/28 OHA Weekly Report Update

Malheur County COVID-19 outbreaks reported in latest Weekly Report by Oregon Health Authority.

  • Recently resolved outbreaks in care facilities with three or more confirmed COVID-19 cases or one or more COVID-19 related death.
    • Pioneer Place: 40 cases
    • Riverside Manor: 3 cases
    • Wellsprings Assisted Living: 6 cases
    • Nyssa Gardens: 9 cases
  • Active workplace outbreaks with five or more confirmed COVID-19 cases
    • Snake River Correctional Institution: 526 cases (last week 518 cases)
  • Recently resolved workplace outbreaks with five or more confirmed COVID-19 cases
    • Amalgamated Sugar: 9 cases
  • Child care facilities reporting active COVID-19 outbreaks
    • Oregon Child Development Center – Nyssa: 7 cases (last week 7 cases)
    • Oregon Child Development Center – Ontario: 5 cases (last week 5 cases)
  • Schools with recent COVID-19 Cases
    • Nyssa High School: 1 student, 4 staff/volunteers (last week 1, 4)
    • Nyssa Middle School: 0 students, 4 staff/volunteers (last week 0, 4)
    • Nyssa Elementary School: 1 student, 3 staff/volunteers (last week 1, 3)
    • Four Rivers Community School: 0 students, 4 staff/volunteers (last week 0, 4)
  • Schools with recently resolved COVID-19 Cases
    • Vale Elementary School: 0 students, 1 staff/volunteer

Malheur County COVID-19 Cases by Zipcode

  • 97913 (Nyssa): 320 cases, rate of 5789.8 cases per 100,000 people
    • Last week Nyssa: 305 cases, rate of 5510.4
  • 97914 (Ontario): 1406 cases, rate of 7321.0 cases per 100,000 people
    • Last week Ontario: 1359 cases, rate of 7076.3
  • 97918 (Vale): 151 cases, rate of 3328.2 cases per 100,000 people
    • Last week Vale: 146 cases, rate of 3218.0
  • All other Malheur County Zip Codes: 33 cases
    • Zip code data pulled the previous Sunday.
    • Total cases 10/25/20 = 1910
    • Total cases in Nyssa, Ontario, Vale = 1877

If you have questions or comments on outbreaks, reporting, or cases, please call the Malheur County Health Department and ask to speak with a COVID-19 Case Investigator at 541-889-7279.

4 thoughts on “10/28 OHA Weekly Report Update

  1. I have been wondering why the case reports seem to under report cases on time in our community. I know for a fact that Vale Elementary School has 4 current staff cases as of 10/26/2020. The same is true when case reporting was delayed with Pioneer Place. Thank you, Phyllis Hemeon Sent from my iPhone


    • Phyllis, please call our nurse liaison to the schools. Her name is Danette and she can be reached at 541-889-7279. Schools and care facilities are required to report cases to the state. It could be that there is a delay in reporting to the state and then from the state to us. Thank you for reaching out.

  2. I’m an employee of Walmart. My department manager has covid and has been home for more than a week. I was not informed about this but found out Monday through the “grapevine”. I was off Tuesday and Wednesday for my regular days off but on returning today I asked if I was to quarantine out of an abundance of caution. Management said I could leave if I was uncomfortable but they had not been contacted by the health department. I haven’t any symptoms but was told it could take up to two weeks. Please tell me if this is standard for exposed people. Thank you

    • Please call us at 541-889-7279! We can investigate any positive cases for people who live in Malheur County. If the case lives in Idaho, we can still help, but will have to work through Southwest District Health in Idaho for more information. Thank you for reaching out!

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