Free Thermometers Available to Organizations

The Malheur Local Community Advisory Council (LCAC) is happy to support community organizations in need of a thermometer to comply with state and federal COVID-19 regulations for continuation of services. Eligible organizations will receive Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers. Thermometers will be allocated based on organization type and need. There is a limited supply, so please be thoughtful if requesting more than 5 thermometers. Priority will be given to organizations serving EOCCO (Medicaid) members who live in Malheur County.

To request free thermometers from the Malheur LCAC, complete this form.

  • Please follow these brief instructions to determine eligibility and to receive your thermometers. Eligible organizations include:
    • Not-for-profit
    • Community Based Organization (CBO)
    • State or federal funded entity
    • Grant funded organization
  • Please complete the bottom portion of the form and email to Jesse Sandoval

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