Are you in the educator group now eligible for COVID-19 vaccination?

As of Monday, educators—including public and private K-12 educators and staff, early childhood educators and staff, and licensed childcare centers and staff—are eligible to start getting vaccinated against COVID-19. The following is a list of those currently included in Phase 1b-Group 1, which may be updated as further policy guidance is released.

Early Childhood Educators and Staff, Child Care Providers and Staff

  • Emergency Child Care (ECC) facilities
  • License-exempt caregivers providing the Oregon Department of Human Services subsidized child care in their own home or in the child’s home
  • Licensed and recorded non-ECC facilities (home-based or center-based)
  • Office of Child Care (OCC) investigators
  • Individuals in the substitute provider pool

Public and private K-12 Educators and Staff

  • Public and Private K-12 school system staff include (district paid and contracted) include:
  • Teachers & substitute teachers
  • Paraprofessionals
  • Bus drivers
  • Custodians: maintenance, facilities
  • Nutrition staff
  • School office staff
  • School administrators
  • Counselors and mental health support staff
  • Health staff
  • Childcare staff
  • Library staff
  • Other educators and school staff in the school
  • Student and practicum teachers and their supervisors
  • Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education staff
  • Coaches and officials
  • Extracurricular and program staff (including community partners who provide services to students and families on school campuses, as well as programs like outdoor school)
  • District and education service district staff who spend time on school campuses (teacher coaches, TOSAs, IT, etc.)

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