Know someone who is eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine?

The Malheur County Health Department will host COVID-19 vaccine clinics every Thursday at the Four Rivers Cultural Center, as long as vaccine continues to be available. Our next clinic is this Thursday, Feb. 11. Please help us spread the word to those who are eligible – everyone in Phase 1a, and Groups 1 and 2 of Phase 1b. Download and share this flyer, available in English and Spanish.

2 thoughts on “Know someone who is eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine?

  1. Would it be possible for we 80/90year olds to be brought the paper work to our cars with a number. And then told to come inside when it is time for our turn, so as to eliminate waiting in winter weather. None of us have anyone who does not have a job that could wait in line for us. Also if we didn’t get in one day, maybe our number could be exchanged for a lower one, that would get us in the next time. Just a thought. Thanks for listening.

    • Hi Karen,
      Those are great suggestions, and our priority right now is vaccinating older adults who become eligible this month. We know it is difficult for many to wait outside in the cold, stand in line, and walk long distances. We are considering various options. Thank you for adding to the discussion. We will share any new information as it is available.

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