Tips for staying grounded in uncertain times

You may have noticed that COVID-19 cases are on the rise. This difficult news may bring about feelings of frustration or sadness. Last fall we showed this video that offers some actionable tips for grounding yourself in uncertain times from a former OHA Senior Health Advisor, Dr. Jon Betlinski. This may be a helpful resource during this time of uncertainty.  

The video is a clip from a past Facebook Live event focused on mental health. You can also view the full Q&A in English here and in Spanish here.   

One thought on “Tips for staying grounded in uncertain times

  1. I just don’t understand why the health department does not stop Idaho unvaccinated unmask wearing from coming across the border to our little town Ontario they continue to put us all at risk with no care for human life just their political beliefs I personally would like to see them have to produce some sort of shot record and wear a mask before coming here so we can have our kids go to school safely

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