Take Your Shot Malheur County Winner Announced

On August 2nd, the 36 $10,000 winners of the Take Your Shot, Oregon campaign were announced. One vaccinated individual was selected for each of Oregon’s 36 counties. Congratulations to Kristin Carfi, Malheur County resident, who won the county prize.

Winners are the last to be announced of the Take Your Shot, Oregon campaign, which was first launched in order to encourage Oregonians to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Governor Brown previously announced the winner of the $1 million prize of the campaign several weeks ago, which went to Oregon State University student Chloe Zinda. You can read more about her story here.

In July, five more Oregonians ages 12–17 were selected as the winners of the five $100,000 scholarship prizes that were up for grabs. On June 22, Governor Brown added four new prizes to the Take Your Shot, Oregon campaign, courtesy of Travel Oregon. The Eastern Oregon winner of the Travel Oregon prizes is Jetty Swart. Congratulations, Jetty! The four travel prizes are valued at up to $2,000 and included lodging, accommodations, dining and activities for two at iconic Oregon travel destinations.

An additional 10 $2,500 winners have been selected in Malheur County through the campaign. One local winner, Sharon Gardner, sent the Malheur County Health Department a heartwarming letter with her reasons for being vaccinated.

Sharon wrote, “My opinion is each individual must be responsible for his or her health care choices. Here are the reasons I chose to get the Covid shots. #1 When I get the flu shot every year then I don’t even catch a cold. #2 The Bible says man is given three score and ten years. That is just when the warranty runs out. My old 1997 Oldsmobile’s warranty ran out years ago. But with regular oil changes, liquid and lube care it has continued to run beautifully and has many more years and miles in it. I am 81 years old, but I too figure I have many more years and miles ahead of me. So getting the Covid shots was just good maintenance sense. #3 It will protect me and my friends, family and neighbors with whom I can come in contact. I owe it to them to be as healthy as I can be. Plus my name or number went into the Covid lottery pool. I am one of the ten persons who won $2,500 in Malheur Co. So for me, the shots were a win win.”

The Malheur County Health Department congratulates the winners and thanks all who’ve chosen to protect themselves and the people around them from COVID-19 by getting vaccinated. While the Take Your Shot, Oregon campaign has now concluded, the need for vaccination remains. If you haven’t done so already, schedule your vaccine appointment today by visiting Find a COVID-19 Vaccine in Oregon or call MCHD at 541-889-7279.

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