Cooling centers available during heat wave

Dangerously hot conditions with triple-digit temperatures are forecasted for this week. Now is the time to prepare. Learn more:

Check on family, friends & neighbors vulnerable to heat to help them stay safe.

En Español:🌡️ Se pronostican condiciones peligrosamente calurosas con temperaturas de tres dígitos para esta semana. Ahora es el momento de prepararse. Aprende más:

Tenga cuidado con los familiares, amigos y vecinos vulnerables al calor para ayudar a mantenerlos a salvo.

EOCCO will provide free rides to EOCCO members during this heat wave. The summer heat wave can be dangerous. We at EOCCO can help.

People who need rides to cooling stations should call 1-877-875-4657 to schedule a ride.

Cooling centers in Malheur County are: 

  • Origins Faith Community’s New Hope Day Shelter, 312 NW 2nd St., Ontario
  • Four Rivers Cultural Center,  676 SW 5th Ave., Ontario
  • More resources
  • Helping Older Adults in Your Community 
  • During hot weather, think about making daily visits or phone calls to older relatives and neighbors. Remind them to drink lots of water or juice, as long as their doctor hasn’t recommended other steps because of a pre-existing condition. If there is a heat wave, offer to help them go somewhere cool. These can be places like air-conditioned malls, libraries, or senior centers. Or offer a ride in an air-conditioned car.
  • Heat-related illness can sneak up on people and bring a risk of fainting. Checking in is a great idea.
  • To connect with senior services in your area, reach out to the Aging & Disability Resource Connection of Oregon:
  • 1-855-673-2372.
May be a cartoon of 1 person and text that says 'Take Care of One Another 00 Check on your neighbors, family and friends, especially they are vulnerable to extreme heat. ശലിലില QEM Oregon: Stronger and Safer Together'

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