Masks required indoors beginning Friday

Gov. Kate Brown is requiring masks be worn by people 5 and older, regardless of vaccination status, in all indoor spaces in Oregon, beginning Friday, Aug. 13, in response to a fifth surge in Coronavirus cases. The governor is also strongly encouraging residents to wear masks in crowded outdoor settings.

Guidelines on Homemade Cloth Face Masks

2 thoughts on “Masks required indoors beginning Friday

  1. I think the teachers all really need to get a vaccination if they don’t they need to be tested once a week and wear masks I really don’t want my grandchildren outside eating or playing without a mask on either one child is sick then they all get sick if they don’t have any protection same goes for the teachers I’m scared like hell to send the kids to school especially during this rise in infections

  2. And I think that our government that sent our state money to help with the cares to act we should be supplying the proper masks to students and teachers not material Mass not the flimsy masks but the mask that help stop spreading the virus those should be ready to hand out before school starts

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