Local Health Providers Pen Letter to Community

Letter to our community who we care for and genuinely care about.

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Your local healthcare team cares immensely about the health and safety of our patients.  We believe it is important to show where we stand on the COVID-19 crisis in our community.  It is difficult for anyone to wade through the vast amount of data on COVID-19 and to know which sources to believe.  As your trusted experts, we wholeheartedly support the following:

  • We welcome an open and honest discussion about the risks & benefits of the COVID 19 vaccines. 
  • In general, the benefits of the vaccine far outweigh the risks of acquiring and spreading SARs CoV-2. 
  • Immunization protects you from severe illness, hospitalization, and death. 
  • Getting vaccinated is the best way to reduce the chances of spread to others.

Our ethical obligation is to provide the best care based on scientific data from reliable sources.  We do not take our responsibility lightly and have committed our careers to benefit the health and wellbeing of others. 

We can significantly reduce the impact of this pandemic if we work together to learn the facts and act accordingly.  We sincerely appreciate the bravery and courage of our neighbors, friends, and community who have practiced social distancing, masking, and obtained their COVID-19 vaccine.  With your help, we can avoid further harm to our loved ones. 

Talk to your health care provider and discuss what is right for you.

  • Brad Barlow, MD
  • Sage Benintendi Stringer, MPAS, PA-C
  • Christina Benson, PA-C
  • Matea Berria, MSPAS, PA-C
  • Matthew Berria, PhD, PA-C
  • David Brauer, MD
  • Paola D’Aleman, MD
  • Michelle DeVoe, DO, FAAP
  • Sandra Dunbrasky, MD, FAAP
  • Patricia Engel, MD
  • Leslie Filler, DNP, APRN, FNP-C
  • Stephanie Geddes, PharmD
  • Aaron Gopp, MSN, CRNA
  • Sean Hackett, MS, PA-C
  • Brook Hally, PharmD
  • Jerrimi Helmick, FNP
  • Markus Hess, PharmD
  • Nicole Heywood, PA-C
  • Mary James, MPAS, PA-C
  • Trenton Jenks, PharmD, BCGP
  • Raquel Johnson, NP
  • Daniel Jones, DO
  • Brian Kitamura, MD
  • Judd Knudsen, RPh
  • Alex Landevarde, PharmD
  • Sarah Laiosa, DO
  • Chelsie Lewis, FNP
  • Kailey Meskill, MPAS, PA-C
  • Daisy Miller, DO
  • Kayla Nagy, MPAS, PA-C
  • Judy Norris, MSN, FNP-BC
  • James Roth, MD
  • Emily Russell, PA-C
  • Eric Rysenga, MD
  • Julie Rysenga, MD
  • Amanda Silue, PA-C
  • Frank Spokas, MD
  • MariSue Susman, PNP
  • Barbara Tesnohlidek, MD
  • Tony Tesnohlidek, MD
  • Jennifer Tolman, PharmD
  • Michael Twomey, MD

One thought on “Local Health Providers Pen Letter to Community

  1. Once again I want to know what’s happening in the schools if anybody’s getting sick we’re not hearing nothing about the children that are possibly getting sick why isn’t this being reported is it just a way to keep the schools open and putting kids at risk we have a low vaccination right here and we’re sending our little kids to school and tell him I’m not even to wear a mask outside what do we think is going to happen I would like it if the health department starts reporting what’s happening in Ontario

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