COVID-19 home tests available for Oregon Health Plan members

Starting Nov. 8, 2021, the Oregon Health Plan covers COVID-19 at-home tests for OHP and CAWEM (Citizen/Alien Waived Emergency Medical) members.

  • OHP and CAWEM members who have signs of COVID-19 or have had close contact with someone with COVID-19 can get COVID-19 at-home tests.
  • The COVID-19 at-home tests do not replace COVID-19 testing done in clinics and labs.
  • Click here to read more about using COVID-19 at-home tests.

The Malheur County Health Department strongly suggests OHP members talk to their doctor if they have signs of COVID-19 or may have been exposed. A physician will not be able to write a note to your employer or your child’s school if an at-home test result is positive. If you use an at-home test and it is positive, please contact the Malheur County Health Department at 541-889-7279.

OHP and CAWEM members can get up to four COVID-19 at-home tests per month without a doctor’s order.

To get more than four tests in a month, OHP and CAWEM members need to get a doctor’s order.

Please contact your PCP if you need more than four at-home tests per month.

All types of COVID-19 at-home tests are covered.

OHP covers all COVID-19 at-home tests that are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, including COVID-19 at-home tests that require an internet connection or smartphone to read the results.

Pick up COVID-19 at-home tests at a pharmacy or retail store.

Members should bring the COVID-19 at-home test to the pharmacy counter to check out and let the pharmacy know they are an OHP or CAWEM member. Members will not be charged for COVID-19 at-home tests.

Due to limited supplies, not all pharmacies or retail stores may have COVID-19 at-home tests. Members may want to call the pharmacy or retail store to ask if COVID-19 home tests are in stock.

OHP covers at-home tests picked up at the pharmacy counter, not tests purchased online.

Have OHP coverage questions?

If you have questions about OHP coverage for COVID-19 at-home testing:

• Contact your CCO. To find CCO contact information and resources click here.

• If you are not in a CCO, call OHP Care Coordination at 800-562- 4620. Native American and Alaska Native members can also call CareOregon Tribal Care Coordination at 844-847-9320.

Learn more about OHP and CAWEM coverage during COVID-19.

Click here for more information for OHP CAWEM Members on COVID-19.

• Visit OHP’s COVID-19 page for members for more information. If you don’t have health coverage, apply for OHP today. You can apply online at

• Trained community partners across the state can help you fill out an application. It’s free. Visit to find community partners in your area.

Not sure if OHP is right for you?

• Go to and answer the screening questions. This will help you find the application that works best for you and your family.

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