Measure 110 Oversight and Accountability Council approves more Behavioral Health Resource Network applications for Oregon counties

The Measure 110 Oversight and Accountability Council this week approved applications for drug treatment and recovery services in six additional counties, including Malheur County, bringing the overall total to 27.

The approvals are nearing a final phase in a continuing process to award approximately $265 million in funds to substance use treatment providers across Oregon.

In Malheur County, Eastern Oregon Center for Independent Living will be awarded money to provide housing services and harm reduction intervention; while Origins Faith Community and Lifeways, Inc., will receive funding for screening and comprehensive behavioral health needs, individual intervention planning, low barrier substance use treatment, peer support, mentoring, etc., housing services, harm reduction intervention and supported employment.

Grants will run from July of 2022 through December of 2023. To receive funding, successful applicants must be able to provide all the required services or work cooperatively with other providers to establish a coordinated network.

Measure 110 is also known as the Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery Act. The creation of Behavioral Health Resource Networks is a requirement of Measure 110 – to provide screening health assessment, treatment and recovery services for substance use disorder for all who need and want access to those services; and to adopt a health approach to substance use disorders by removing criminal penalties for low-level drug possession.

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