Monkeypox Update

The Oregon Health Authority launched a new website dedicated to helping people learn more about the ongoing monkeypox outbreak. The new website includes information for the public, clinicians, public health and community organizations; the website is also available in Spanish.

See the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for more information about monkeypox and the outbreak in the United StatesMonkeypox can be prevented.

Anyone can get monkeypox. However, during the current outbreak, most cases have been detected among gay or bisexual men or men who report having sex with other men. Monkeypox is spread primarily through close, skin-to-skin contact, which may include sex, cuddling, massage and kissing.

To protect yourself and others, be aware of your health. Monkeypox may start with fever, achiness or sore throat, but may also start with just a rash or sores. If you’re feeling sick and notice any new rashes – especially on the genitals or around the anus – avoid close, skin-to-skin contact and talk to a health care provider (or call 211 if you don’t have one).

Let your provider know, before the appointment, that you think you might have monkeypox and cover any lesions you have. Ask your provider about monkeypox testing. Even if you are not in a high-risk category, but you think that your symptoms or rash are concerning for monkeypox, talk to your provider. Testing may be recommended for you.

The new monkeypox website includes a weekly summary of case data and will be updated on Wednesdays. As of August 17, 116 people have tested positive for monkeypox in Oregon. Cases have been reported in Clackamas (4), Columbia (1), Coos (1), Lane (20), Marion (1), Multnomah (73) and Washington (16) counties. As of August 19, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare reports 9 cases of monkeypox in the state of Idaho.

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