Open Enrollment for Health Insurance Nov 1 – Jan 15

Watch more videos on the Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace YouTube page.

The annual open enrollment period for health coverage begins Nov. 1. Open enrollment is the only time when anyone who are not offered coverage from a job or a public program like the Oregon Health Plan or Medicare can enroll in health coverage through the Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace, often with financial help.

Eligibility rules have changed this year, making health coverage more affordable for thousands of Oregonians. Previously, people offered health coverage through a spouse or parent’s employer could not access financial help if the least expensive plan offered to only the employee was considered affordable. New rules allow people who previously were ineligible for financial help through the Marketplace if that coverage is considered unaffordable to the enrollee.

“If you were previously not eligible for financial help, apply again,” says Chiqui Flowers, director of the Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace. “Nearly 80 percent of Oregonians who applied for financial help qualified in 2022 averaging $483 per month. That could be you too!”

Sorting through health coverage options can be confusing, but Oregonians should know that there are tools. offers a quick and easy-to-use window-shopping tool where users can preview what plans and savings are available to them. The tool also allows users to see which plans cover their prescription drugs and are networked with their preferred doctors or hospitals. A new tool available at can help you figure out if job-based coverage is considered affordable.

Free expert help is available to make the process of signing up for health coverage and choosing a plan less stressful. Reach out to one of the Assisters below for help.

  • CAREAssist Community Partners for Malheur County: EOCIL
    • Kelly Rumsey
      541-889-3119 ext. 104 or 1-844-489-3119 ext. 104
    • Brenda Nuñez (bilingual Spanish)
      541-889-3119 ext. 107 or 1-844-489-3119 ext. 107
  • Malheur County Health Department:
    • Lisa Almaraz (bilingual Spanish)
      541-889-7279 x136

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