Thank you, Public Health!

MCHD Rockstars Leah and Michelle

We are all public health! Join us on in expressing our collective commitment to supporting the public health workforce – nurses, community health workers, peers, health specialists, and many others – and their tireless efforts to protect and improve health.

Each year on the Monday before Thanksgiving, the American Public Health Association celebrates Public Health Thank You Day to raise awareness of how our ability to live healthier, longer lives depends on public health initiatives and the individuals who carry them out.

Shout out to our favorite public health team – right here at the Malheur County Health Department! Check out names, pictures, and contact information on the Meet Our Team page.

Public health is the field of science concerned with improving the health of populations. It encompasses everything from research into diseases to preventing injury and promoting healthy lifestyles to detecting and controlling outbreaks. Examples of public health work include anti-smoking campaigns, the development of vaccines against polio, and pinpointing the source of outbreaks. Get to know us better! Call us at 541-889-7279 to see how we can help serve you. 

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