PeerZone Workshops

The Malheur County Health Department is now hosting free PeerZone support groups on most Wednesdays.

PeerZone is a series of peer-led workshops for people who experience mental distress and addiction that explore topics like work, relationships, self-acceptance, and more.

The workshops are a combination of peer support and recovery education, and provide a fun, interactive, and safe structure for participants to share their experiences, learn self-management, and expand their horizons.

Join our facilitator, Hannah, for January’s scheduled workshops on “Understanding Ourselves.” Each is held at 3 p.m. on Wednesdays at the Malheur County Health Department at 1108 SW 4th Street in Ontario. No registration needed. Visit the Events Calendar for all upcoming groups, including SMART Recovery on Thursdays.

January 4: Understanding Our Distress — What responses help or don’t help us. Different ways of responding to distress. Different ways of naming and understanding distress.

January 11: Exploring Our Stories — The importance of stories. The hero’s journey. Our own and others’ stories of distress and recovery.

January 18: Leading Our Recovery — What recovery means. The process of recovery. Our own and other people’s experiences of recovery.

January 25: Understanding Our Alcohol and Drug Use — Turning lapse into learning. Taking control by choice. Why we use alcohol and other drugs, and the consequences of use.

We are a community of people in recovery and those who love and support them. Join us!

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