2023-2026 MCHD Strategic Plan Released

The Malheur County Health Department has released its strategic plan for 2023–2026. Outlined in the plan are the department’s mission, vision, and values, as well as the goals for each of the core programs:

  1. Emergency Preparedness
  2. Vital Records
  3. Peer Support
  4. Modernization
  5. Maternal and Child Health
  6. WIC & Nutrition
  7. Family Planning
  8. Tobacco Prevention & Education
  9. Oregon Health Plan Application Assistance
  10. Communicable Disease
  11. Immunizations

The MCHD 2023-2026 Strategic Plan can be found here.

In the Letter from the Director at the start of the plan, Sarah Poe declares, “Every day, we protect people in Malheur County from health threats, promote healthy behaviors, and offer protection from diseases. Our focus going forward is to collaborate with community partners, engage the people who are at highest risk, and to use and share data to educate, inform, and inspire people to work with us. Together, we will have a measurable and meaningful impact on the health of all in Malheur County. Help us bring this plan to life!”

The Strategic Plan concludes with a call to action. “Please reach out and join us. Public health is for everyone, and we need your support to fully realize a healthy Malheur County for all. Come by our office, give us a call, invite us to collaborate, and follow us on social media and at MalheurHealth.org.”

The public can reach out to the Malheur County Health Department at 1108 NW 4th Street, Ontario, Oregon and by calling 541-889-7279.

Any local organization can request a Public Health Presentation by reaching out to Sarah Poe directly at sarah.poe@malhuerco.org or 541-889-3227.

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