Daily COVID-19 Count Perspective

Six new COVID-19 positive cases and 10 negative tests were reported today in Malheur County. While it’s fewer cases than we’ve had in a while, it’s at a 38% positive rate for the day. Also, four new people who live in Malheur County were hospitalized for care for COVID-19, bringing the total currently hospitalized to six.

Please take the increasing risks seriously and do your part by wearing face coverings, staying home with symptoms or while in isolation or quarantine, and maintaining physical distance from those you don’t live with. These actions work to flatten the curve of new COVID-19 infections.

2 thoughts on “Daily COVID-19 Count Perspective

  1. Practices within the local community will perpetuate the recent rampant spread of covid from the diverse sources acknowledged by the Malheur County Health Department. It is incumbent on our community to take serious the mask requirement when in public indoor settings, an order not taken seriously by many local businesses when they seem to believe simply putting the sign up fulfills all responsibilities to customers and the public at large. While we all want to return to many of our normal activities, presence of the virus in our community evidenced by the surge over the past few weeks and the percent positive tests with relaxed criteria for being tested, our failure to take the devastating potential from the virus serious will only prolong the time until economic and social recovery until when or if a vaccine is available and administered to the vast population worldwide.

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